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Why my QR Code is not scanning?

The more designer elements you add to the QR Code, the more difficult it becomes to read. Remove or resize the logo and provide enough contrast.

Last update 8 months ago

How to create a designer QR Code with my logo?

When you created your first QR Code, you can learn here to design the QR Code the way you like, save the design as template and re-use it for other QR Codes.

Last update 9 months ago

How do I get rid of thin lines between pixels of a QR Code in CorelDraw?

If you open a QR Code in EPS format in CorelDraw, just press the CTRL-A and then the CTRL-L key to combine the units after opening. Now the thin lines are gone.

Last update 9 months ago

Get Followers with QR Codes for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Create QR Codes that link to your Instagram account, Facebook page or YouTube channel and place them on your products, business card or in your shopping window.

Last update 9 months ago

Vector Designer QR Codes with SVG logo

Prepare an SVG version of your logo · Go to the designer QR Code · Upload the SVG file · Download your QR Code in vector format (EPS, PDF or SVG)

Last update 9 months ago

Create Designer WeChat QR Codes

By scanning QR Codes in WeChat, almost everything is possible: You can follow a company, connect with a contact, pay in a restaurant or donate to a charitable cause.

Last update 9 months ago