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Can I downgrade from my existing plan to another?

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You cannot go back to a free plan after upgrading to a paid plan. However, it is possible to downgrade to paid plans under some conditions.

Can I downgrade from a paid plan (Starter, Premium or White Label) to the free plan?

No, this is technically not possible. QR Codes from your paid plans contain your own domain which is different from the free domain.

Can I downgrade from Premium to Starter?

Yes. Please go to your "Account settings" and click on "Change plan". Please make sure that you have not more QR Codes that are allowed in the starter plan.

Can I  downgrade from White Label to Starter or Premium?

Yes. However, it is only possible if you have just 1 user under the White Label plan and you are not using a custom domain. Moreover, you must have not more QR Codes that are allowed in the Starter or Premium plan.

Notes for downgrading

  • The next invoice will reflect the conditions of your new plan.
  • Partial refunds cannot be offered when downgrading.
  • You cannot have more QR Codes or Landing Pages than the ones on the new plan before downgrading.
Last update 1 year ago