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Geotagged QR Codes

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Geotagged QR Codes

What is geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as a geotagged photograph, video, website, SMS messages or even QR Codes and is a form of geospatial metadata. This data usually consists of latitude and longitude coordinates. Source: Wikipedia

What is a geotagged QR Code?

You can assign an address to a QR Code. Thus you create a geotagged QR Code. You can manually set the address or via the QR Code API. The address can be specified in the form of a longitude-latitude pair or an address line. 

Geotagged QR Code with assigned address
Geotagged QR code with assigned address

Identify your most frequented places

If someone scans a QR Code that you have attached to the saved address, the position is displayed on the map along with the number of scans. You can thus determine which places are frequently frequented and optimize your locations for your target group accordingly. 

Map with geotagged QR Codes
Map with geotagged QR Codes

How do I create a geotagged QR Code?

1. Log in to your account

Log in to your account or create a new account.


Login Form

2. Create a QR Code

In the Dashboard or QR Codes section, click New QR Code to create any QR Code.

Create new QR Code
Create new QR Code

3. Select the Address option menu

When you have created the QR Code, click Options next to the QR Code. A menu will open. There you select Edit Location

Assign address option menu
Assign address with the Edit Location option menu

4. Assign an address to the QR Code

Now you can assign an address to the QR Code by clicking Map Address to QR Code after you have entered the address.

Entering the address for the QR Code
Entering the address for the QR Code

Determine scan position via GPS

You can also go the other way around and query the position of the mobile device that scanned the QR Code via its GPS location function. To do this, the person who scanned the QR Code is first asked to disclose their position before being redirected to the landing page. For example, if you have printed a series of flyers with QR Codes, you can see on the virtual map where the promotional material you distributed was scanned.

To activate the GPS function, simply click on GPS is off in the options menu.

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