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GPS expert mode settings

Advanced features for professional use of the GPS services and QR Codes · High Accuracy · Invoke Wrapper Script · Timeout · Max retries

Last update 1 year ago

Geotagged QR Codes

Link geo information with QR Codes either directly to an address or only when scanning with the GPS function integrated on smartphones.

Last update 1 year ago

Why do I see scans and requests from countries in my statistics where I did not publish the QR Code?

The device is behind a proxy, a bot from abroad is faking its user agent or there is a chance that the IP address is assigned by us to the wrong country.

Last update 1 year ago

How can I get the GPS position/location of where a QR Code has been scanned?

Login to your account and activate the GPS tracking for your QR Code. Then track the position using the built-in GPS on your phone when you scan the QR Code.

Last update 8 months ago

How do I customize the GPS dialog?

Select the texts, a country dependant message, and parameters to offer a fully customised pop up screen when the user scans a QR Code and permission is asked.

Last update 1 year ago

How can I retrieve the city, region, postal code and street address of a QR Code scan?

Log into your account, add a Google API Key and enable the geocoding option. You will obtain the address, city, zip and country of your scans in your stats.

Last update 1 year ago

Why do I not retrieve the GPS position when scanning the QR Code?

The user explicitly disallowed submitting his location · GPS is globally disabled · GPS, WLAN or UMTS reception is temporarily unavailable

Last update 2 days ago

How do I turn off the custom GPS dialogue when a user scans a QR Code?

You can disable the GPS dialogue from your account settings · The browser will ask permission in any case

Last update 1 year ago

Simulate a GPS position after a QR Code scan

Use your desktop or laptop computer to simulate a GPS location after a QR code is scanned for debugging purposes.

Last update 1 year ago

How do I visualize my scan positions in a map?

Display the location of your scans on a map and embed it in your website · Requires an active account, valid API key and a Google Maps API key.

Last update 2 days ago