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How do I find out if a QR Code is dynamic or static?

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Decode the QR Code

Using an App on the Phone

scanning a QR Code with iphone
Display the content of a QR Code when scanning

First, install a QR Code App that displays the URL before redirecting you to the website or use the internal camera app. Based on the URL shown in the app you can make an assumption if the QR Code is static or dynamic.

Using the ZXing online service

Zxing logo

You can also use ZXing's online service to read the content of a QR code. Upload the QR code as an image file or enter a URL where the QR code can be downloaded and then click on Submit data. As a result, you will receive the text or link encoded in the QR code.

Anatomy of a QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes

If the domain of the encoded URL contains "" or belongs to any other QR Code platform, it will be a dynamic QR Code. Dynamic QR Codes have mostly shortened URLs encoded. e.g. and therefor they are less crowded and smaller than static QR Codes.

Dynamic QR Code
A dynamic QR Code with a shortened URL:

Static QR Codes

Any other URL will probably be encoded in a static QR Code. Those are typically long URLs or just links to the homepage of a company. Static QR Codes can also have textual information for contact details, events, or Wi-Fi connections.

Static QR Code
A static QR Code where the content cannot be changed anymore
The destination and contents of a static QR Code cannot be changed once they are printed. Scan statistics will not be available either unless the destination URL is tracked in some other way.

If you are the administrator of the destination site, you may be able to update the content or create some internal redirection. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you on this.

If you are uncertain or want us to take a look at it, please send an image of your QR Code to our Support Team

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