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Add a contact on your iPhone with a QR Code

How you can add a contact of a QR Code Business Card to your address book on your iPhone

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Add a contact on your iPhone with a QR Code

Apple supports since iOS11 reading QR Codes with the internal camera. When creating a QR Code for a QR Code Business Card you can easily scan the QR Code with your iPhone and add the contact to your address book. The following tutorial explains the nessesairy steps how to add a new contact after scanning the QR Code of a business card.

How to add a contact to the address book on iOS

1. Tap on the Add Contact Icon

First you need to tap on the contact icon on the QR Code Business Card on the right bottom.

add contact icon of business card
Add contact icon on bottom right of a QR Code Business Card

2. Tap on the Profile Image

Now the contact will popup and you tab strong on the profile image or the placeholder if no foto exists until a context menu appears.

contact with profile image on iphone
Contact with profile image on an iPhone

3. Tap on Create New Contact

In the context menu now tap on Create New Contact

context menu for creating new contact on iphone
Context menu with menu item to create a new contact on an iPhone

4. Save the contact

Now you can save the contact to your address book by tapping on Done

save new contact on iphone
Done button to save a new contact on an iPhone

15 seconds video tutorial

The following short video shows you an alternative way how to add a contact in 15 seconds to your address book.

Last update 11 months ago