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Random redirected QR Codes

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Random redirected QR Codes

You may want to redirect people scanning your QR Code to a random URL for a marketing campaign, a contest, an internal process or just for fun.

A QR Code can redirect to a randomly selected destination from a group of URLs (e.g. product page, MP3 player, video, etc.)

How do I create a QR Code that redirects my users to a random URL?

1. Log into your account

Log into your account or create a new account. You can create random redirect QR Codes from any of our plans.


Login Form

2. Create a QR Code

Go to the sidebar of your account, click on QR Codes and Create QR Code with a default URL for your campaign.

QR Codes

Create QR Code



QR Code Options

QR Code 2 Options
Create a new QR Code

3. Activate the Scheduler

Click on Options and switch on the Scheduler.

QR Code
  • Download
  • Design QR
  • Statistics
  • Edit URL
  • Tag
  • Delete
  • Reset
  • GPS is off
  • Edit Location
  • Scheduler
  • Mail is off
  • Move to folder
  • URL Monitor is on
Options menu of a QR Code with the Scheduler item selected

4. Turn on the scheduled redirects

Once the Scheduled redirects selector is switched on, you can define different URLs and redirection criteria for your QR Codes.

If this option is switched off, the QR Code will redirect to the default URL.

Scheduled redirects
Scheduled redirects switch

5. Turn on the random redirects

If the Random redirects option is switched on, the destination will be the result of a random selection among the list of available URLs.

Random redirects
Random redirects switch

6. Add a scheduled redirect

You can create as many schedule redirection rules as you wish.

Add scheduled redirect
Add scheduled redirect button

7. Create a list of all the possible URLs

You have to create one entry for each of the possible redirections on the random process:

  • Starting date - The date field is not taken into account for the random redirects.
  • Destination URL - Possible destination of the random URL selection.
  • Number - For random redirects, this number serves as a weighting with which probability this URL can be selected.
Scheduled redirect entry
Scheduled redirect entry

8. Random redirect QR Code metrics

In the example below, the users will be redirected 50% of the times to the URL, 25% of the times to page and 25% of the times to page

The redirect column shows the number of times each option has occured and the weight of each option. 

Random redirects metrics
Random redirects metrics

For a more advanced business logic or custom processes you can add your own Javascript on a custom landing page.

Can I limit the number of times that the random QR is scanned per user?

Yes, you can create a 1-time redirect QR Code and use the random redirect QR Code short URL as destination.

The first time a user scans it will be randomly redirected. After that, they will go to the default URL of your 1-time redirect QR Code.

Can I randomly redirect to a Landing page of my account?

Yes, you can use the short URL of any landing page and use it as destination of your random redirect QR Code, for example, a lead form.

These business logics combined can be powerful and interesting for organizing contests, tombolas, games, etc.

You can have the "winners" redirected to a lead form to collect their contact info and the "losers" to a generic landing page.

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