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What are Subaccounts?

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What are Subaccounts?

Subaccounts for Starter and Premium Plan

Subaccounts allow other users to access your account with their own username and password. They have the same rights as you as the account owner when you have subscribed to a Starter or Premium plan. You can create up to 5 subaccounts.

Subaccounts for White Label Accounts

If you are the administrator in a white label account, you can also assign a role to each subaccount. You can create up to 10 subaccounts. For enterprise plans please get in contact with us to increase the number for your needs.

Role concept

The following roles can be assigned to subaccounts from a white label account:


An administrator has all rights.


If assigned as a manager role, the manager can view or edit everything except payments, account and branding settings.

Team Leader

A team leader can only look after a group of users specified by the administrator or manager.


A subaccount with the role SSO is automatically created during the SSO authentication of a user coming from an IDP and cannot be created manually.

Subaccounts are not users

Subaccounts are not the same as users. Subaccounts and the administrator of the white label account have their own login link for the administrator area. Users from a white label account have their own different login area.

As an administrator or manager, you can create users and specify which rights each user has - for example whether they can create QR codes or only view statistics.

How do I create a subaccount?

As the account holder, switch to your account settings after logging in and select the Subaccounts tab.

There you can create a subaccount or manage or delete existing subaccounts.

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