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Why do I not receive e-mails from you?

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Why do I not receive e-mails from you?

Our e-mails are delivered to your spam or junk folder

Please check if our e-mails are delivered to your inbox. If they end up in the spam or junk folder, please whitelist our e-mail address.

Our e-mail domain is blocked by your e-mail provider

If you do not receive an e-mail in any of your inbox folders, please check if your mail provider has blocked our e-mail domain. If that is the case, ask to unblock our e-mail domain.

SPF Check fails because your mails are forwarded to another e-mail

When we send an e-mail, we use a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) that your e-mail server can check, if the IP of the server that has sent our e-mail is allowed to do so. If not your e-mail-provider can block our e-mails.

Since we do use a correct SPF-record that matches all IP-addresses of the mail servers we send e-mails from, there is another possible reason why our e-mails are not delivered to your inbox:

The mails we send you, are forwarded to another e-mail address of yours. Since the last e-mail server is seeing the IP address of the forwarding e-mail server and not the IP of our server, the receiving server refuses to deliver the email because the IP check for our SPF record fails.

There are 2 possibilities to overcome this issue:

  • Use an e-mail address in your account that is not forwarding e-mails
  • Disable the SPF-record check on the receiving e-mail-server for the domain
Last update 1 year ago