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All about QR Codes

Everything you always wanted to know about QR Codes. Frequently asked questions for newcomers, possibilities, curiosities, tips and tricks.

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Designer QR Code

Make them beautiful. Add your logo, call-2-action frames, use colours and match the look and feel of you brand. Bulk create them and download in vector format.

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Dynamic QR Code types

Find out what a dynamic QR Code can do for your project. All the business logic and intelligence behind our platform relies on the dynamic redirection process.

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Scanning QR Codes

Scan me. Learn how to scan a QR Code and the key aspects to take into account. Which are the most recommended QR Code scanner Applications and their differences.

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Printing QR Codes

Any question before printing your QR Codes? Size, colours, error correction, bulk creation? All the answers to keep your printed campaigns safe and scannable.

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Which QR Codes can I create?

You can create various QR codes such as URL, Wi-Fi, vCard, SMS, email, geo-location, event, cryptocurrency, phone call, plain text, and dynamic QR codes, each serving different purposes.

Last update 2 months ago

Will my QR Codes continue to work if I stop my subscription?

Upon request your QR Codes will be retained after your subscription has ended, if all invoices have been paid and you have been a customer for at least 1 year.

Last update 3 weeks ago

How to create a Social Media QR Code in your account?

Here you will find all the information on how to create a social media QR code in your account.

Last update 5 months ago