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Why does scanning a QR Code takes so long?

To understand why a redirect takes too long please check first, if you have a decent internet connection. Make sure that the target website is loading fast.

Last update 4 months ago

Can I change the domain without the old QR Codes becoming invalid?

With our White Label Manager you can run our platform under your own domain. Existing QR codes continue to work and newly created ones contain the new domain.

Last update 1 year ago

5 Best QR Code Scanners in 2023

We recommend using the internal camera app on your smartphone. If the camera app doesn't read QR codes, install the Denso Wave or Kaspersky QR Code Scanner.

Last update 1 year ago

Why my iPhone is not showing my subdomain when a QR Code is scanned?

In some cases, including iPhone devices, the URL is trimmed because it is too long to be displayed in the preview and therefore only the root domain will be shown.

Last update 1 year ago

Why is my Facebook QR Code not working?

Use a QR Code Reader that can deep link into an app, check your Facebook URL, update your Facebook App, check if you are referencing to a Facebook Group.

Last update 1 year ago

Why only text is shown in the QR Reader and I'm not redirected to the website after scanning?

Some QR Code readers only recognize a link if a protocol https:// is placed in front of the URL. Always create links with the protocol in front of the URL.

Last update 1 year ago

Why does my old domain still show when I scan a dynamic QR Code, even I have changed my subdomain?

QR Codes that you have printed will not show the new domain, because the QR Code has the old domain encoded. Only new created QR Codes show the new domain.

Last update 2 months ago

Why is my QR Code that redirects to my Instagram account showing an error page after scanning?

Instagram/Facebook have some content policies that require the user to be over a certain age to have access to some specific profiles or company pages.

Last update 1 year ago

What is the difference between Unique Visitors and Requests?

Requests (Scans) are the total number of times that a QR Code has been scanned. Unique Visitors is the number of unique users that scanned the QR Code.

Last update 1 year ago

QR Code Error Correction

Error correction helps, that a QR Code stays readable, even if some pixels are missing. You can choose between 4 different levels of error correction.

Last update 1 year ago

iPhone reads QR Code with camera

iPhones since iOS11 support QR Code reading with the native camera app out of the box, they decode website, vCard, WiFi, SMS, event, mail, map & more QR Codes.

Last update 1 year ago