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How to import QR Codes from a free account to a paid plan

Once you have subscribed to a paid account go to the import section, enter the credentials of your free account and click Import. The import cannot be undone.

Last update 4 months ago

How can I be sure that in the free account, my QR codes will remain working forever?

Our service was launched in 2011, so we have survived the start-up phase and our teething troubles. Today we are a profitable business with exponantial organic growth.

Last update 1 year ago

Will the QR Codes from my free account be deleted if I sign up for a paid plan?

No, your free account is independent from your paid plan and you can keep both accounts separately. You can import QR Codes from your free account to a paid plan.

Last update 1 year ago

How many QR codes do I have in my free account?

When you create a free account, you will receive 1 dynamic or static QR code that you can use commercially and without expiration date.

Last update 1 year ago

I made a QR Code but forgot my e-mail. How can I access the QR Code?

If you have forgotten which account you used to create the QR code, enter the short URL from the QR code and you will receive the anonymised email.

Last update 1 year ago

How does the scan limitation for free accounts work?

​​QR Codes from the free account never expire, but please take into account that a limitation of 100 scans per day may apply.

Last update 5 months ago