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Use our WhatsApp QR Code generator to easily create direct channels for your clients to contact you. Livechat support, data collection, surveys. Place them in your packaging, your printed materials and even on your mail signature.





  • Add your album covers
  • Update your MP3 file anytime
  • Detailed scans statistics
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  • Detailed scan statistics
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  • The contact details in a static vCard QR Code cannot be changed after printing.
  • The more contact details you store, the more difficult it is to read the QR code.


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Handcrafted Designer QR Code Templates

Our collection of design templates integrates the WhatsApp logo and color palette. Whether you need eye-catching QR Codes, engaging printed materials, or captivating profile backgrounds, our templates will help you stand out professionally and get more scans.

How to get the most out of WhatsApp QR Codes

Start a Chat

Create a QR Code that opens a direct chat with the phone number that you choose. You can even write a predefined message.

Join a WhatsApp Channel

Create a QR Code with a direct link to your channel and new followers will join with just a scan.

Start or join a call

Create a QR Code to join a  WhatsApp call or a video call.

Join a WhatsApp group

Create a QR Code that will allow you to join a private group.

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