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Geo-Targeted QR Code

You may want to deliver different content to specific countries. With Geo-targeting you can create QR Codes with Multi-URLs that redirect the user to a specific website depending from which country he is scanning the QR Code.

Create geo-targeted QR Code

Geo QR Code

Create a Geo QR Code to direct a user to a specific location. After the user scans the QR Code on his smartphone, the map application opens and navigates the user to the given GPS coordinates.

Create GEO QR Code

QR Code GPS Tracking

Get accurate positions from where your QR Codes have been scanned

When you create a QR Code in your account you can activate the GPS tracking function and if a user scans your QR Code, the position will be tracked using the built in GPS geolocation function of the mobile device.

Get Scan Position

Scan the following QR Code to see how position tracking works on your smartphone. After scanning the code you can have a look at the map how accurate the location of your scan was:

qr code gps submit dialog
qr codes on map

QR Code Map

If the person accepts to share the location, the position where the QR Code has been scanned will be transmitted using the built in HTML5 Geolocation function.

You can visualize the scans on your account's dashboard or display it on your own website using our QR Map Widget.


Our goal is to get the best accuracy that can be achieved with the HTML5 Geolocation feature for any mobile device. Using HTML5 Geolocation you get very accurate positions with an accuracy close to 10 meters.

Depending if the tracking method is done through GPS signal, WiFi spots or transmission masts, the best possible result is determined.

secure https connection

secure https connection

Data Security

When submitting a GPS position a secured connection is required, otherwise the location is not sent. By using our service, we will always provide you with a SSL connection during the tracking process.

A GPS position can only be retrieved if the visitor gives his consent.

Use cases for tracking QR Codes with GPS

Provide a highly customised experience based on the exact physical location of the person scanning the QR Code. Display different contents, languages and business logics. Process your data visually seeing your scans on a map. Mobile marketing is all about context.

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