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Can I change the domain without the old QR Codes becoming invalid?

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Can I change the domain without the old QR Codes becoming invalid?

Yes. Existing QR Codes continue to work with the old domain and newly created ones will contain the domain you have selected.

Custom subdomains of with Starter and Premium Plan

If a QR Code from a paid account is scanned with an iPhone instead of the domain is shown. In the integrated scanner of your iPhone sometimes the preview only shows the top-level domain without the subdomain. This is mostly the case when your choosen subdomain is longer than 3 characters.

Full custom domain with the white label plan

If you want your own domain to be displayed, we recommend our White Label QR Code Manager. There you can run our platform under your own domain e.g.

If you create a QR Code and then scan it with an iPhone, the domain will be displayed in the preview instead of You can upgrade your current plan to the white label plan at any time in your account settings.

Last update 5 days ago

Domain Masking

Go to your Branding > Production domain section of your White Label admin dashboard. Create a CNAME entry pointing to for your subdomain.

Domain Masking

Can I change the subdomain of my account?

Yes. You can change the subdomain anytime in your account settings. Your existing QR Codes will continue to work. Printed QR Codes will keep the old domain.