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Browser extensions conflicts

Some browser extensions, antivirus software and firewall policies can unintentionally disable certain functionalities of your account

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Browser extensions conflicts

What are browser extensions

Browser extensions are small software programs that add functionality to web browsers. They enhance browsing experiences by adding new features, modifying web page content, or providing tools for specific tasks, extending the capabilities of the browser. E.g. spellchecking, password management, an ad-blocking or developer tools.

However, extensions can also unintentionally disable certain functionalities of a website. This can occur when an extension does not load correctly, or when it conflicts with some code of a website.

Extension conflicts

If you are experiencing issues logging into your account, resetting your password, editing the content of your landing pages or accessing a specific section, a browser extension is probably the reason.

We advise temporarily disabling all of your browser extensions in order to identify if any of them are causing the issue at hand. Alternatively, we suggest accessing our platform through an another browser as a troubleshooting measure.

We will appreciate any feedback you provide, however once a user installs a 3rd party extension it is out of our scope.


Some users have reported different issues with the following browser extensions:

  • Lastpass - Unwanted fields being autocompleted
  • Facebook Container - This Firefox Browser Plugin causes problems when logging into a user account from the white label admin section
  • AdBlocker - Any add blocker with JS applied will easily block some functionalities of your account, including the log in process.

Antivirus software and corporate firewalls  

In certain instances, certain functionalities and features may inadvertently be disabled due to your company's policies or antivirus software settings. 

If this occurs, it is advisable to reach out to your IT team for assistance.

Last update 1 month ago