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Geo-Fencing QR Code

Redirect your users to different destinations depending on the GPS location where the QR Code is scanned.

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Geo-Fencing QR Code

What is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-fencing (or geofencing) is a technique that uses the GPS position of a user to provide a high accuracy location-based experience. For example, a user will receive a message if he is within a specific area.

What is a Geo-Fencing QR Code?

A Geo-Fencing QR Code is a QR Code type that redirects the user to a specific URL depending on the user's GPS location. The business logic will process the provided GPS coordinates and redirect according to a set of pre-defined geofences.

You can specify those geofences with GPS coordinates within the user must be in order to be redirected to a specific URL. The user must always give his consent before the GPS position is transmitted. If no GPS position is received, a default URL may be set to redirect the user to.

What are the benefits of Geo-Fencing QR Codes?

With Geo-Fencing QR Codes, you can target your marketing campaigns even more effectively. For example, you can divide larger metropolitan areas into different zones and thus target your geographic audience.

Geographical target group marketing

Take advantage of marketing campaigns that precisely target your geographic audience.

More accurate analytics data

Get more accurate analytics data from your users by using Geo-Fencing QR codes.

Optimized marketing campaigns

With more accurate analytics data, you can optimize your marketing campaigns even more.

How do I create a Geo-Fencing QR Code?

1. Log into your account

Go to your login page and enter your username and password.

Geo-Fencing QR Codes are only available for White Label users.


Login Form

2. Create a new QR Code

Create a new QR Code and select Geo-Fencing from the available QR Code types.

Geo-Fencing QR Code
New Geo-Fencing QR Code

3. Assign the default URL

Enter the default URL to which the user will be redirected if he scans the QR Code and no GPS info is provided. 

This can happen because:

  • the GPS position does not match any of defined rules.
  • the user did not accept being geolocated.
  • no GPS signal is available.
Default Geo-Fencing QR Code URL
Geo-Fencing QR Code default URL
You can use the fully customisable GPS dialog screen to inform your users why should they approve being geolocated.

4. Create a rule for each GPS location

The redirection rules can work in 2 ways. You can define different areas and assign a URL to each of them, or define a set of GPS coordinates and redirect to the closest one.

Geo-Fencing redirection type select
Geo-Fencing redirection type select

You can enter the longitude and latitude for each of the rules, or just enter the name of a city, region or even an address and the GPS coordinates will be automatically calculated.

Redirection rule: Radius

Define the different areas that you need by entering a set of GPS coordinates and set a radius in meters for each of them. The areas will be circle shaped and they can be updated anytime just like the destination URLs.

Once the users scan the QR Code and provide their GPS location, they will be redirected to the destination URL assigned to that area. If no area matches the GPS position the user is redirected to the default URL.

Geo-Fencing QR Code radius
Geo-Fencing QR Code rule based in radius

This feature provides a better granularity than the standard Multi-Country QR Codes and can be used for advanced Geo-Marketing campaigns.

Geo-Fencing QR Code example
Geo-Fencing QR Code radius based example

Redirection rule: Closest Distance

Define a set of GPS coordinates and redirects the users to the closest one depending on their current location.

Geo-Fencing QR Code closest distance
Geo-Fencing QR Code closest distance rule

This feature is designed for office branches, franchaises or large institutions. 

Geo-Fencing QR Code
Geo-Fencing QR Code example based on closest distance
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