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What can I do if my QR Code has been hijacked?

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What can I do if my QR Code has been hijacked?

Check the target URL first

If you create a dynamic QR Code on our platform nobody can change the target URL except you or anyone who has access to your account. We do use SSL for secure communication, so it is very unlikely some intercepts your session and routes the user to another malicious side. There is a much higher chance that the website of where your QR Code leads to has been compromised. Make sure first that the target page is online and displays the correct content.

Check if your account has been abused

Verify your QR Code

When you login to your account, go to the QR Code sections and look for the QR Code that you think has been hijacked. Check if the target URL points to the correct website. You will see next to the QR Code when the URL has been updated for the last time.

Change your password

If the QR Code's destination URL has been changed by an unauthorized person, go to your account settings and change the password immediately to make sure nobody else than you can access the account.

Secure your account with two-factor authentication (2FA)

To add a second layer of protection, secure your account with two-factor authentication (2FA) so you need a second device to be able to access your account.

Last update 1 year ago