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What is the difference between Unique Visitors and Requests?

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What is the difference between Unique Visitors and Requests?

Requests (Scans)

The number of requests indicates how many times the short ULR of a QR Code has been requested. A QR Code may be scanned 1 or more times by the same person. Therefore, the number of requests is always greater than or equal to the number of unique visitors.

The short URL of a QR Code can also be shared in social media, instant messaging, or as a link on an email or a webpage. In these cases, it will also be counted as a request.

Note: If you scan a QR Code from different devices and they are all connected to the same Wifi-network, the number of unique visitors is 1 and will not increase.

Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors is the number of clearly unique identifiable devices that scanned the QR Code. The number is computed by summing up all unique IP addresses from the devices. The IP addresses are stored anonymously and a scan can never be directly linked with a person. Thus scans are anonymous and GDPR / CCPA compliant.

Unique visitors (accumulated)

If there is a number in parentheses next to the number of unique visitors, the number of unique visitors is accumulated over a period of one day. In a timing diagram, this is the sum of all orange data points.

This number is always equal or greater than the number of Unique visitors, since the same IP address would be counted each day, when requesting the QR Code.

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