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Why has my account been blocked?

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You exceeded the 100 scans per day limit

If you use a free account, we rely on a fair use policy of 100 scans per day.

If this daily limit is exceeded once, you will receive an information e-mail from us, which notifies you that if the limit is exceeded again, the account and the QR Code or Landing Page will be blocked.

The redirection of the QR Code continues to work when the daily limit is exceeded for the first time.

However, if the scan limit is exceeded a second time on another day, you will receive an e-mail from us, that the QR Code has been temporarily deactivated until you upgrade to a paid plan.

Your e-mail is invalid

Our system scans detected, that you are using an invalid or expired e-mail address.

Please make sure that

  • your e-mail is valid. You might use an expired old e-mail in your Facebook or LinkedIn account.
  • your inbox is not full and accepts new e-mails.
  • your e-mail provider is not blocking our e-mails. Please add the domain to your whitelist.
  • your e-mail domain has set a correct DNS / SMTP entry. You can check if a DNS is missing for your e-mail domain here

Once you have restored your mailbox, cleaned it up and white listed it for our domain, click on the 'Resend Activation-E-Mail' button after the failed login.

We detected fraudulent activity in your account

Your account might be blocked because fraudulent activity was detected.

This is the case if a phishing link has been created in your account or an account has been paid with a stolen credit card. You might investigate if your e-mail address has been hacked or abused. To secure your account you might also use our two-factor authentication.

If there is any fraudulent activity going on, we cannot unlock your account. Thank you for understanding.

We use Google's Web Risk API to report QR Codes that link to URLs containing malicious content. If Google is reporting an URL to be malicious, we block the account. All QR Codes and Landing Pages in that account will stop working.

Warning when malicious URL is called in browser
Warning when malicious URL is called in browser

You can use this link to find out whether a website has been classified as malicious by Google.

Credit card was stolen

If you pay by credit card with us, we use Stripe Radar to verify the credit card details. If the card has been reported stolen or fraudulent activity has been carried out with the card, your account will be blocked and if a charge has taken place, the amount will be refunded immediately.

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