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MP3 - Audio QR Codes

Listen to a QR Code. Connect an MP3 audio file to a QR Code and play it after scanning it in your smartphone. Music, lectures, podcasts, audio guides, etc.

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PDF QR Codes

Scan and display a PDF file. The simplest way to share a rich format and up-to-date document is through a PDF file. Menus, manuals, catalogs, reports, etc.

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App QR Codes

Promote your App sharing a single QR Code. When users scan an App QR Code, they are redirected to the optimal App Store depending on their device and location.

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Multi-Country QR Code

Redirect depending on the user's country. We detect the location of the user scanning the QR Code and is redirected to the URL/file that you specify.

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Multilanguage QR Code

Redirect depending on the user's device language from a single QR Code. Automatically provide content in your user's language.

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Scan and play. Redirect to a video URL like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. or an MP4 file. Provide a multimedia experience from any offline support.

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Geo-fenced QR Codes

Define geographical areas in a map and redirect to different URLs from a single QR Code. Create powerful geo targeted campaigns with the highest accuracy.

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1-time scan QR Code

Create a QR Code that will have a special behaviour when scanned for the first time. After that default URL will be displayed.

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How to create a Social Media QR Code in your account?

Here you will find all the information on how to create a social media QR code in your account.

Last update 3 months ago

Facebook QR Code with Deep Link

Creating a Facebook QR Code can be done easily using Facebook’s internal QR Code function. Login to Facebook, go to your company page, download the QR Code.

Last update 1 year ago

PowerPoint QR Code

If you are speaking on a conference and you have reached the end of your presentation you can easily share your documents with your audience, using a PowerPoint QR Code.

Last update 1 year ago

Can I add Google Analytics campaign parameters to a QR Code that is already created?

Yes. Once the QR Code is created you can add or edit these parameters directly in the target URL. However, the QR Code must be a dynamic QR Code.

Last update 1 year ago