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Author: Jordi

QR Codes on instruction manuals

Add or replace your product instruction manuals with a QR Code. You will improve your customers' experience and save paper

Idées 03/22/23 1 Minute
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5 Best QR Code Scanners in 2023

We recommend using the internal camera app on your smartphone. If the camera app doesn't read QR codes, install the Denso Wave or Kaspersky QR Code Scanner.

Scanner les codes QR 12/03/22 12 Minutes
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UX Updates: Inline Edit, QR Code mass management, Tagging and Media

Changelog – March: Inline edit · Folders management · Archive · Tag system via API · Mass and group management · Media section

Nouvelles des produits 10/21/22 1 Minute
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QR Code Trends 2023

Since reading QR codes has been possible with every smartphone, there have been a multitude of trends such as digital vouchers or geo-targeted QR codes.

Nouvelles des produits 10/21/22 5 Minutes
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The largest ecommerce in the world,, uses QR-Codes a login system for their users.

Tendances et innovation 01/05/17 1 Minute
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WhatsApp on your PC by capturing a QR code

This is yet another example of how useful, simple and secure QR codes can be for pairing devices and systems

Tendances et innovation 01/19/16 1 Minute
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QR Interview - David Monreal, Infojobs

Within the QR-Interviews series, today we present the case of and its brave bet on QR Codes

Cas d'utilisation 05/21/12 1 Minute
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Conversions, new metrics and KPI for QR code campaigns

Metrics and success indicators around the typical conversion funnel to measure the effectiveness of an action using QR-Codes

Tendances et innovation 03/02/12 2 Minutes
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QR Codes are not a fad

It has been more than 4 years since we published this blog and we have answered many times the same questions in different areas and forums. Today we dedicate the post to the doomsayers

Tendances et innovation 02/15/12 5 Minutes
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QR codes in Telefónica campaign :)

We see in a phone booth a movistar imagenio campaign that uses QR codes to access a promotion.

Tendances et innovation 06/19/11 1 Minute
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QR Codes in Buenafuente!

It's official, QRs are cool. Yesterday on Buenafuente, Berto and Ana Morgade took out and drank from a mug with QR codes

Amusant et curieux 04/20/11 1 Minute
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First QR Code in a newspaper

Yes, we have published the first QR Code in Spain. We wanted to be the first ones and we wanted you to discover them with us.

Tendances et innovation 09/22/07 1 Minute
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First giant QR code in London

One of the first giant QR codes is placed in London to promote the DVD 28 weeks later

Tendances et innovation 09/05/07 1 Minute
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1st Post

We activated this blog yesterday and here we go with our 1st post. We believe that QR Code boom is soon to come

Tendances et innovation 07/06/07 1 Minute
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