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What time zone is used when a QR Code is tracked?

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What time zone is used when a QR Code is tracked?

When a QR Code is scanned, we track the device, location, date, and local time. For each scan, we first get the location of the device and depending on the location we compute the local time zone. So, if you are using the same QR Code in countries with a different time zone, you will always see the local scanning time in your statistics.

The scan time is taken from the local time of the location where the QR Code is scanned.

How we compute the time zone

The time zone is computed based on the mobile device's IP address that scans the QR Code. For this we use a local database from which we can look up the country, city or region based on the IP address that a device sends to our server when scanning a QR Code. Each location is assigned to a time zone, that we assign to the scan time. So, you can be sure that each of your scans will always show in the locale time and your statistics are accurate on a global scale.

In other words, the time zone is not assigned where you have registered your account from but by the location of your users scanning the QR Codes.

Last update 1 year ago