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QR Code Analytics - Track QR Codes with Google Analytics

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QR Code Analytics - Track QR Codes with Google Analytics

What is QR Code tracking? 

Our QR Code Generator Tracking platform enables you to get detailed tracking statistics of your QR Code scans. We track which mobile device has scanned your QR Code, where your QR Code has been requested and when. You can also see, how many unique visitors have scanned your QR Code.

How do I track a QR Code with Google Analytics?

Integrating our platform with Google Analytics will allow you to see all your QR Code scans as well as all your other campaigns under the same dashboard and will give you better insights of your customers journey.

1. Login

Log into your account to access your user settings.


Login Form

Note: this option is only available in paid subscriptions.

2. Go to your user settings

Go to your user settings section and look for the External tracking section. You can edit all the information regarding 3rd party integrations involving the tracking of your campaigns.

Account settings - External tracking
Account settings - External tracking

3. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID

Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID which you can obtain from your Google Analytics account. You may enter your GA4 - Global Site Tag (G-xxx) or UA - Universal Analytics code (UA-x-xx) in your account settings.

If you want to use your own tracking script or make some adjustments to the default GA scripts you can enter your custom script too.

Account settings - External tracking
External tracking IDs for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

UA (Universal Analytics) tracking codes will stop working on July 2023. Google recommends using GA4 tracking code. Our solution is fully compatible and ready for GA4 Analytics integrations.

Note for White Label accounts: each user can enter his own script tag and it will be applied to all his redirects.

Due GDPR and CCPA regulations, express consent from a user is required if third-party cookies are to be stored on his device. If the option for the consent is activated, the user must first confirm that he agrees to the storage of cookies on his device before he is redirected. If he does not agree, the cookies are not created, and he is redirected to the target page. If the popup for consent is deactivated, the user is redirected to the landing page without his knowledge that third-party cookies are being saved.

Account settings - Consent popup
Account settings - Consent popup

5. Create your QR Code

You are now ready to start tracking your QR Codes from Google Analytics!

Go to the sidebar of your account and click on QR Codes > Create QR Codes.

QR Codes

Create QR Code



QR Code Options

QR Code 2 Options
Create a new QR Code

6. Switch on Options > Add Google Analytics Campaign Parameters

After entering your destination URL and before saving your QR Code, you can add the campaign parameters UTM which will be used when reporting the scan to GA. To do this, turn on the Add Google Campaign Parameters option and enter the appropriate parameters.

  • Campaign Name - utm_campaign
  • Campaign Source - utm_source (recommended: QR)
  • Campaign Medium - utm_medium
  • Campaign Content - utm_content

These parameters can be updated by editing the target URL once the QR Code is created.

Campaign parameters configuration for GA
Campaign parameters configuration for Universal Analytics (UA Codes) - Deprecated July 2023

The QR Code tracking via GA works for any dynamic QR Codes no matter if you point to your website, Facebook, YouTube or and Instagram profile.

The UTM parameters will also be added to the target URL if you create a static QR Code. However static QR Codes will not be tracked by our platform and you cannot edit the target URL once the QR Code is created.

7. View your campaigns on Google Analytics

When a QR Code is scanned and if the user approves to store the Google tracking cookie on his machine, we will be sending the tracking information to your Google Analytics account and you will be able to see the scans just like with any other campaign source (e.g. emailing, social media, PPC, etc.)

Campaign dashboard for GA4
Campaing overview for Google Analytics (GA4 Codes)
Campaign parameters configuration for UA
Campaing overview for Google Analytics

Real time tracking

For testing purposes or monitoring your current campaigns can access the Real-time section of your Google Analytics dashboard.

Demographic characteristics: Age, Gender & Interests

Depending on how you configure your Google Analytics account you will receive demographic characteristics (age and gender) in your Google Analytics account as well as interests from the users who scan your QR Codes.

Demographics Google Analytics
Demographic data like age and gender on Google Analytics


If you are experiencing any problems viewing your scans in Google Analytics these are the most likely reasons:

Do Not Use Ad-Blockers

If Ad-Blockers are running on a smartphone or desktop browser, the Google Analytics script is probably blocked and you will not see any tracking data. However, the internal server-sided tracking of will work.

Do-no-track (DNT) must be disabled

Make sure that the Do-not-track option of your browser is not activated. This will prevent the scan to be tracked.

Verify your Google Analytics ID

Make sure that the Google Analytics ID is correct.

Google Analytics script takes too long to load

Per default we set a time window of 700ms to load the Google Analytics JavaScript and send the tracking request to GA. If the script ist not loaded and executed in that time, the user will be forwarded to the target URL, without tracking the QR Code scan in GA. You can set a higher delay in your account settings to overcome this problem.

More documentation on Google Analytics

If you are planning to integrate with Google Analytics we really recommend you to go through the article Tracking marketing campaigns

The Google Campaign URL Builder tool lets you generate URLs ready to use for Tracking Campaigns in Google Analytics.

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