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Will my QR Codes expire?

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Will my QR Codes expire?

Static QR Codes never expire

Static QR Codes never expire since the target URL is encoded in the QR Code and you will be redirected to the URL directly. You can create as many static QR Codes on our website without signing up for an account.

What about dynamic QR Codes?

Dynamic QR Codes require an account to be created, where you can manage your QR Codes.

Dynamic QR Codes in free accounts never expire

Dynamic QR Codes in your free account will never expire but please consider that our limitation of 100 scans/day/QR Code cannot be exceeded.

QR Codes in paid accounts stay active for lifetime under different conditions

Once subscribed, your QR Codes will not expire if you have been a customer for at least one year and if you have no pending invoices.

Please note, that after the free trial period of one of our paid plans, your account will be deactivated and therefore your QR Codes will stop working if you do not subscribe. However, once you subscribe, all QR Codes will work again.

Tips to ensure that your QR Codes stay up and running

Regardless of having a dynamic or static QR Code make sure that:

  • the target URL of your QR Code is redirecting to a website that is online
  • the domain you redirect to is active and do not forget to renew your domain name

Our link monitor will always keep you informed if your QR Codes are working by checking if the target URL is online.

Last update 7 months ago

Why is my QR Code not working anymore?

Check if your account is active or if you have an open invoice. You might have exceeded the scan limit; the target URL is offline, or you deleted the QR Code.

Why is my QR Code not working anymore?

How does the scan limitation for free accounts work?

​​QR Codes from the free account never expire, but please take into account that a limitation of 100 scans per day may apply.

How does the scan limitation for free accounts work?

How do I find out if a QR Code is dynamic or static?

Decode the QR Code first. Dynamic QR Codes have mostly shortened URLs encoded and therefor they are less crowded and they are smaller than static QR Codes.