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Why is my QR Code not working anymore?

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Why is my QR Code not working anymore?

Check if you have an open invoice

If you have an open invoice for more than 60 days, the QR Code will not redirect and will display an error message.

You will need to reactivate the account and pay the open invoice.

Check if your account is active

If you signed up for a trial your account gets deactivated if you do not subscribe after the trial period. You will need to reactivate the account

You reached the scan limit in your free account

We have a fair use policy in free accounts that QR Codes may be scanned not more than 100 times per day. If you exceed the limit twice your account gets blocked, and you need to upgrade.

Your account has been blocked

In rare cases our systems block an account if fraudulent activity is recognized e.g., a QR Code redirects to a phishing page.

The target website is offline

If you scan the QR Code and you are not being redirected to the target page, please check if the target website may be offline. If you are using a dynamic QR Code, you can easily update the target URL to a working page.

You have deleted the QR Code

If you have deleted the QR Code in your account, the redirection will break. You can easily restore a QR Code.

You have added too many design elements

If you are creating a designer QR Code, it might happens that the QR Code cannot be read anymore. Check possible reasons why the QR Code is not readable.

Last update 1 year ago