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GPS expert mode settings

Advanced features for professional use of the GPS services and QR Codes

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GPS expert mode settings

You may be creating a project where a highly precise GPS location or some specificities of your apps/devices require some fine-tuning. The following advanced features will provide you with the tools that you need for a GPS professional solution:

Note when this option is enabled the redirect to the target URL is slowed down by at least 250ms, because the Google Geocode API is queried first. 

High Accuracy

This option instructs the smartphone, which scans the QR code, to determine the best possible position. This can lead to slower response times or increased power consumption on the device. However, it is also possible that the smartphone ignores this option and the device returns the same results regardless of the option. The default setting is switched off to keep the battery consumption of the smartphone as low as possible.

Invoke Wrapper Script

An external JavaScript library from Google can be integrated here, which offers a geolocation framework for older devices. It is based on the underlying platform-specific implementation and offers a simple JavaScript API aligned with the W3 Geolocation API Specification. Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, browsers with Google Gears support (Android, Windows Mobile), Nokia Web Run-Time (Nokia N97,...), webOS Application Platform (Palm Pre), Torch Mobile Iris Browser. Script loading time may slow down the redirect to the target page.


This attribute specifies the maximum amount of time in seconds that can elapse between the call to get the position and the redirect to the target page. If the device is unable to successfully acquire a position before the specified amount of time has elapsed and no other errors have occurred in that interval, then it will redirect to the target page but the result of the position query will contain the error code TIMEOUT. Note that the time until the user consents to the location request does not fall within the time period covered by the timeout attribute. The timeout attribute applies only to the position acquisition process.

Max retries

The maximum number to retry to get the position if an error has occurred.

Expert mode

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