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Author: Edu

QR Codes in Pokemon Sun Moon - Nintendo DS

The Pokemon Sun Moon game for Nintendo DS has introduced the ability to activate characters in the game via QR codes

Fun and Curious 02/21/17 1 Minute
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Capture the QR code and we will call you back

Thanks to a friend of mine, we received today a case of innovative application of QR-Codes at the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona

Use Cases 12/14/16 1 Minute
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Twitter App creates your QR-Code

Twitter has incorporated in their last App update the option to generate a QR-Code to access your account.

Use Cases 11/17/16 1 Minute
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QR Codes go to School

Industries with less resources often depend on the passion, dedication and imagination of their professionals. The case of education is unfortunately a perfect example.

Use Cases 11/07/16 1 Minute
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Invite to a Whatsapp group with a QR code

Next version of Whatsapp will allow you to invite users, friends or customer to a group via a link or a QR code

Trends and innovation 09/27/16 1 Minute
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Late Night with Stephen Colbert shows a QR code on TV

We recently saw Stpehen Colbert showing a QR linking to his tumbler account

Trends and innovation 05/06/16 1 Minute
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Activating my Google Glass with a QR Code

Here we paste the screenshots of the activation process of the Google Glass.

Trends and innovation 05/29/13 1 Minute
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A Human QR Code reader

One of the challenges in the TV Show “Incredibles” Antena 3 (Spain) was set by a human that can interpret QR-Codes at a glance.

Fun and Curious 05/25/13 1 Minute
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QR Interview - Nieves Franco, Arsys

The QR-Interviews series, quick response interviews, continues and today we present the case of and its brave bet on QR codes

Use Cases 06/18/12 3 Minutes
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The world's largest QR code

The world's largest QR code so far and the making of. With more than 1300 plates it was built in Toronto

Fun and Curious 06/18/12 1 Minute
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QR Interview - Pablo Porcioles, eDreams

Today we start a series of QR-Interviews, quick response interviews, with communication professionals whose organizations have already started using QR Codes

Use Cases 05/16/12 1 Minute
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More QR codes in La Vanguardia

Today's innovative column by Jaime Serra is titled Quick Repsonse

Fun and Curious 07/24/11 1 Minute
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Tesco - Disruptive innovation with QR codes

Today we show one of the most radically innovative uses of QR Codes. The following video shows the operation of Tesco's new campaign.

Use Cases 06/28/11 1 Minute
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Creative CV. Talking QR

Victor Petit publishes his CV in a vimeo video and although it seems unbelievable, he is looking for a job. We won't explain more, you have to watch it

Fun and Curious 05/25/11 1 Minute
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Vichy: OPIs with QR Codes

We are seeing lately in Barcelona the Liftactiv de Vichy campaign in bus stops and other OPIs. It is BY FAR the best campaign we haver seen in Spain.

Use Cases 02/28/11 1 Minute
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Infojobs puts QR codes to the test

Infojobs, the leading job portal in Spain wanted to experiment with the use of QR-Codes. Today this product is released in its beta version

Use Cases 02/28/11 1 Minute
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Another project with APLI

APLI offers the ability to customize business cards and badge cards for exhibitions, conferences, etc. including a QR code with the contact information.

Use Cases 10/25/10 1 Minute
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APLI goes for QR Codes in Spain

APLI has included a QR-Code linking to a demo-video in one of the APLI products (mailng-express labels) so consumers can watch in for instructional purposes

Use Cases 02/12/10 1 Minute
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QR-Codes in education

We decided to write a post about this topic commenting some of the best and most curious proposals about qrcodes pedagogical possibilities.

Use Cases 03/23/09 2 Minutes
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Conference in Alicante CAM on QR Codes

Last January 9 we went to Alicante to give a lecture on QR codes at the CAMON center for new technologies

Trends and innovation 02/03/09 1 Minute
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Datamatrix vs QR-Code

In this post you will find a summarized comparison between QR codes and Datamatrix codes.

Trends and innovation 11/19/07 1 Minute
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Comparing 2D Codes

This post addresses the most relevant information about the main 2D barcodes (QR Code, Datamatrix, Shotcode, EZCODE, and IR) and its pros and cons.

Trends and innovation 10/29/07 1 Minute
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Edible QR codes

Japanese company Hertz has launched its service/product

Fun and Curious 09/16/07 1 Minute
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